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KAMO Service maintenance packages are tailored to suit your specific needs. Our technicians will inspect your machinery and fix any problem so it does not happen down the road. Project planning, asset management and service life calculations are all utilized when evaluating your equipment.

10% Discount on all Parts and Labor with a PM Plan Agreement

All PM Plans take priority.  The PM Plan schedule takes precedence  over general repair requests.

KAMO Service Programs

No matter your business size or experience, you need to feel taken care of in an efficient, effective, and professional manner. We are here to prevent problems before they occur, fix machines when needed, increase uptime, and provide the best recommendations to keep your equipment running well.

No one can predict the future, but costs for machine procurement and operation are always predictable. We do this within the framework of all our KAMO Service Packages. Full cost control - guaranteed by contract. All service programs, maintenance plans, and pay as you go plans are subject to Not to Exceed (NTE) requirements.**

Every service package is precisely tailored to suit specific needs. Services include inspections as part of mandatory safety checks, timely servicing, and flat-rate full service. Depending on your requirements, you can also enhance any package with an optional battery replacement.

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Kamo Silver Care

KAMO SILVER Care is a pay-as-you-go service program available for all makes and models of equipment. With the freedom to pay as you go and no monthly fee, now you choose when to service your equipment. This no-obligation plan continues to offer world class service and parts – simply pay per service request based on the actual labor and travel hour, and parts used by a KAMO certified service technician.

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Kamo Gold Care

KAMO GOLD is a fixed price yearly planned maintenance program that is available for all Windsor Kärcher Group and Kärcher floor care equipment. Planned maintenance visits are included with a yearly fee that also gives you discounts for paying the year in advance.

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Kamo Platinum Care

With the KAMO PLATINUM Prepaid Service Plan, you get a functional guarantee ensuring the safe, economical, and reliable operation of your machine. If your machine malfunctions, we will prioritize the service within regular business hours* and repair it as quickly as possible. You will have full cost control. Breakdown repairs with a labor/travel/trip charge and spare parts are included with your monthly fee. Exclusions apply. 

YEAR prepaid service that would cover any parts needed so the customer would have no other expenses unless the machine was damaged due to neglect. Includes all parts including battery replacement.

Inspection, safety testing
PM Checklist
PM labor/travel/trip charge
Preventive replacement of defined wear parts in accordance with the manufacturers maintenance plan 
Breakdown repairs: labor/travel/trip charge*  
Breakdown repairs: spare parts are included. See exclusions below  
Battery Replacement*  


The following goods and services are not covered by the above plans:

Repair of damages caused by negligence, abuse, accident, unauthorized modifications, or unauthorized service work (painting, refinishing or body repair). Any parts requested by the customer and not needed under any of the above plans would be additional.

Additional Services

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Certified Pre-Owned & Refurbished

From sweepers and scrubbers to extractors and vacuums, KAMO specializes in repairing and testing used equipment to provide customers throughout North America with a cost-effective option.

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All Brands Service

Not only does KAMO offer maintenance packages for its own equipment, we also service and repair machines from other manufacturers. Regardless of the brand of machines in your fleet, we can support you with competent, reliable and fast service.